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4-H encourages diverse groups of youth to develop their unique skills and talents to the fullest potential. Young people participate in 4-H through clubs, special interest groups, after-school programs, camps and many other activities. “Learning by doing” through hands on activities and community involvement empowers 4-H’ers to develop and strengthen life skills.

Youth participate in 4-H through school 4-H clubs, community clubs, special interest groups, after-school programs, camps and many other activities. Although there are many common activities, each county in Tennessee has its own unique programs and areas of emphasis.

4-H is a unique educational program for students in elementary through high school. It encourages diverse groups of youth to develop their skills and talents to the fullest. As 4-H’ers, youth actively participate in activities, events and projects that develop and strengthen life skills. 4-H is open to everyone. Each county has exciting and fun programs!

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Tennessee 4-H offers its members a choice of 26 program areas. 4-H’ers are encouraged to choose a project or projects and build their knowledge of the project subject material. They also complete activities related to the project area, keep records of their activities, give written and oral demonstrations about their projects, and participate in judging and other contests involving their project.4-H’ers work with parents, volunteers and other 4-H’ers who share similar projects. In many cases, clubs are formed around a project area, such as county horse clubs. Project work not only increases a 4-H’ers knowledge of a particular subject of interest to them, but project work can also prepare them for a career in that field, such as veterinary science. Scholarships, prizes, awards, and special recognition are also the rewards for project work.

Interested in volunteering?

Volunteers will be woven into the fabric of Tennessee 4-H Youth Development, playing a key role in fulfilling the mission of the organization. Caring and knowledgeable volunteers will deliver quality programs that enhance life skill development for Tennessee’s youth. 

Who loves summer camp? We do!

Tennessee 4-H has a variety of camping options. Please contact your County Extension Office to get a list of the options available to you.  Most camps for Houston County are held at Ridley 4-H Center in Columbia, TN. 4hcampers.jpg

Tennessee 4-H operates three 4-H Centers located throughout the state. The 4-H Centers offer a wide variety of camps — an extensive summer camping program for young people in fourth through 12th grades, and camping programs during the school year to accommodate school groups. There are also special camps that take place throughout the year.4-H Shooting Sports is also a part of the 4-H Recreation program. For more information, visit the Tennessee 4-H Shooting Sports webpage. So, if your thing is kayaking, swimming, electricity, wildlife, archery, fishing, hiking, rafting, ecology, photography, crafts, canoeing, talent shows, drama, soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, low ropes, cookouts, making new friends, hanging out with old friends, or whatever—whew! There’s something just for you at 4-H camp!!

Contact Information

Brooke Compton
4-H Agent
Phone: 931-289-3242

The Houston County 4-H program is offered in all county schools. (Erin Elementary, Tennessee Ridge Elementary, Houston County Middle School, Houston County High School and Houston County Home School Program.) Meetings are held in the schools Oct-Nov/Jan-Apr each year.

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